Main components

– Brush holder: Its performance is to fix the brushes, allowing the contact of the carbon brushes to happen with the pickup of the inductor of the starter, making its power supply acceptable motors 213tc 7.5hp . Normally the brush holder is made by four brushes, two of which are positive and two are negative.

– Magnetic key: This is the component that transforms electric energy into mechanical energy and is responsible for pushing the impeller to the rack of the electric motor and at the end of its stroke, allows the starter motor to start.

– Induced: The armature is responsible for the rotation of the starter motor. The electric current flows through the field coils or the polarized magnetite shell and the armature turns, causing a magnetic field of repulsion, which will result in a rotating movement.

– Impeller: In the impeller with the pinion meshed in the rack, the starter’s power is transferred to the engine by starting its movement. When the electric motor exceeds the speed of the starter motor, the free wheel drive device allows the pinion to rotate freely, as if it were not engaged in the starter motor, preventing pinion breakage, armature burnout and general engine damage of departure.